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Daily Posts from Credo Reference

5 January
Studying Alternative Medicine on the open web can be hazardous to your research health. Use Topic Pages instead:

6 January
Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes!

9 January
The first iPhone debuted 10 yrs ago today!

10 January
January is National Blood Donor month so avoid any transfusion confusion with Topic Pages like this:

11 January
99 years ago today, Teddy Roosevelt made America’s grandest canyon a national monument:

12 January
Happy Birthday Jack London! By his death at age 40, London had 200 short stories, 20 novels, 3 plays and more.

13 January
Topic Pages like this on Newton’s Laws can move research forward when procrastination renders you a body at rest


16 January

Learn more about the inspiring life of MLK:

17 January
Happy birthday to the most electric of the founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin!

18 January
Finding good resources is never a bother with Topic Pages like this one on Winnie the Pooh author AA Milne:

19 January
Edgar Allan Poe was born 208 years ago today!

20 January
Donald Trump moves from gold tower to White House today. He will be inaugurated as the 45th US President.


23 January
Celebrate National Handwriting Day with this Topic Page on Calligraphy!

24 January
Be mindful of the sources you use for research. Topic Pages like this on Meditation can set you on the right path:

25 January
Celebrate National Opposite Day with this Yin-Yang Topic Page:

26 January
Happy Australia Day! Today marks the 229th anniv of the 1st Fleet in New South Wales.

27 January
Tomorrow is Chinese New Year! This will be the year of the Rooster.


30 January
Even complex subjects like Physics don’t have to feel like rocket science. Start your research with Topic Pages:

31 January
Happy birthday Jackie Robinson! Learn more about this truly inspirational athlete:


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